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Ignorance made intellect 0

I am going to talk about big ego. Yes, I don’t know if there is small ego or a medium one. But whenever ego is brought up it has to be called big ego…I think…

While the search for someone with a big ego is all about knowledge and wisdom as they might say, in reality it’s all about merely the appearance of a person with such qualities. Harsh, well that’s why no one wants the stamp of big ego on their foreheads, do they?

To test your ego, you must be able to entertain the idea of being wrong. Entertain might not be the word I want to use here, more of “celebrate” being wrong.

Here is my humble quick step by step healing process, remember you have to really want to be healed first!

The first step is to acknowledge that you have a big ego. Second, start to acknowledge the fact that you may not know everything you think you know. Third, smile when you turn out to be wrong. Forth, complement the people who turned out to be right. Fifth, start by saying, I might be wrong here but here is what I think about this and that… Yep, only then will you be healed out of this disease! Again, I could be wrong!

The really sad thing about big ego is that you start transforming your lack of knowledge or ignorance into intellect. You build walls or limits into your knowledge about everything there is to know in life. Block US, block homosexuals, block heterosexuals, block religious people, block atheists, block this….block that. So when you discuss an issue, you get into your little box of walls and you begin the so called intellectual-open discussion of whatever is there to discuss by twisting, turning and manipulating the subject at hand only to prove to your self or others that you are right, ignoring the real benefit of having intellectual conversations in the first place, that is to earn new knowledge you didn’t know before.

And that’s when ignorance is made into intellect and here I say DANGER DANGER WATCH OUT.

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