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Who are you?

When the tides move against the well of a being thriving to change a life made of a dream of being forever content with what they have yet to achieve.

A desire to change, rooted in a mind that thinks change is the answer to every little bump ahead, when change becomes the end it self instead of a mean to be a better person.

Are you the person you already are or the one in progress?
Are you living the moment or living a self portrait of the person you want to be?
Are you riding the waves or shaping them?
Are you using change as an excuse to stay where you are?
Are you really changing or change is your dream, your getaway, your key out of everything that has gone bad?

Who are you?

To exist in a web of self made illusions that the end will become you, that you will be the person you dream of being, an image of a being you think is right, is acceptable, perfect and is real, very real.

To become we change and evolve around that image, yet a life is neither lived in still waters nor in falling ones.

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