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WEBsessed, an introduction 0

Started out to try WordPress as a blogging platform and ended up creating WEBsessed, the state in which my life has been redefined over the past year.

As a technologist and more recently a web-obsessed  strategist, I find my life revolving around the web. It’s where I work, communicate, seek information, socialize and get entertained. There is no limit to what you can do these days on the web and still with a bit more innovation here and there you can find your self drawn to a new lifestyle.

Very soon, you won’t need your expensive laptop, you won’t need to bother installing new software and worry about your RAM, having a hard drive or even Microsoft Windows!

 The browser is your window into everything you need to do.

Thru your browser you can use several web-based software (webware) where the user experience is rich and simple with limitless storage capabilities! Check out Google Docs & Spreadsheets (http://docs.google.com) and Basecamp (http://www.basecamphq.com) a Project Management webware) to understand the power of webware.

A simple device that can operate your browser, with wireless broadband and you can do limitless things anywhere you are.

One example of such a device is a $150 laptop called “LiteComputer” currently being developed by Lite Appliances (http://www.liteappliances.com/) which will have all hardware and software you will need powered by the browser, offering free online office applications (ex. Google Docs & Spreadsheets) with no hard drive! It will of course enable you to hook any hardware you need through multiple USB ports. The company expects to launch LiteComputer by third quarter of 2007.

Exciting stuff right??!! stay tuned to WEBsessed to start or continue your webolution! 

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