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Tool: Google Notebook 1

An idea came to my mind a couple of months ago when I was overwhelmed with the amount of research I’ve done on Questler and how even del.icio.us (a bookmarking social site) won’t even help me make sense of all the information I have logged. So I thought what if there was a research-mate-like tool installed on my browser which will open a window within it and let me log the links as I am browsing, add my comments on the same text I am copying as well as of course having several research sessions?

Few weeks later I stumbled on Google Notebook , which to some degree has met the above . It’s still in Google Labs (Not even beta) but I’ve been using it ever since and the experience has been extremely beneficial. Once installed, you will see a notebook icon at the far right-bottom of your browser, click on it and it will open a small window that area of the browser.

Let’s say you are starting a research session about Museums, as you browse some sites; you stumble on some text you want to take note of – not just the link of the website you are browsing; so you highlight the text and right-click, you will have an item in the right-click menu that says “Note This (Google Notebook)”. Once clicked the text is automatically copied into the notebook you have opened and you can continue reading/browsing. Brilliant right?

Google Notebook 1

And now after visiting few sites; you are ready to add your own notes (Text) to everything you have notebooked. You can open the notebook in a full browser window and go on adding your own notes. Just like that!

Google Notebook 2

As known, adults learn by doing so do check it out and tell me if it makes your life easier :)



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