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Another "brick in the wall" of freedom of expression in Jordan 0

I just got the news that the Jordanian government represented by the Print & Publishing Department will extend its sad and frustrating laws onto online websites, most probably the vast amount of web-based blogs and press sites. Very frustrating, I don’t know if my blog on hosted on WordPress will be included as well but it doesn’t look like it. So this is a downer for all Jordanian blog based services like Maktoob and others.

From reading the article in today’s Al Dustoor, a number of people are threatening legal action if the government starts to actually implement this.

In my opinion, this is a weak ‘s man try at controlling something that is obviously out of their control. Insecure and totally ridiculous to even talk about. How will Jordan be able to actually advance economically, socially and technologically ever if we prohibit people to think and express freely!

From not allowing atv to air yet, to this. I think we have two big forces fighting for our future, one wants to take us back to stone ages and one wants to take us forward.

unlearn. changing perceptions 0

2 years ago, I was at Pride Toronto, and i noticed this booth with the word “unlearn” I was totally intregued at first sight.

I went and browsed through the items on display, one T-Shirt had the word “تصحيح مفاهيم” with a boy’s face smiling, the other had different skin colors representing the diversity of the human race, one with two women and two men, challenging the man-woman heterosexual perception and another had a plug with two pins shown against three other types of plugs, again to show diversity.

Very creative design. You can browse through their products at http://www.unlearn.com/

30 something colors 3

As my 33rd birthday is approaching, its that time of year where I reflect, ok i always reflect, but this time is a reflection and a projection!


1. I know that age is just a number, that youth is in the heart and mind bla bla bla

2. Some people will experience things 1-2 years before or after

3. THIS IS FOR FUN, don’t start having weird thoughts!

Here is how i see the 30′s in colors:

30-31, Yellow, fresh. thinking you are finally there, things should make sense now and if they don’t then you think they ought to be! work, family, friends, money and love/sex life (not in any preferred order, but i did keep the best for last!)

32- Green, -a bit darker. You’re still happy to be in your 30′s, the 40′s are still too far away. You start thinking “stability” and obsess about it all through work, family, friends, money and love/sex life.

33-Orange.You can’t be more 30 something than 33, double dosage! This is the year where being 40 is only 7 years away, it starts hitting, because you vividly remember where you were and what you were doing 7 years ago. It was yesterday. Shit. You start thinking, I need to accelerate on the big 4 work, family, friends and love/sex life.

I am speculating from now on…

34-35-36-Purple. You have hit the so called mid-thirties, you are mature, if not then you should be! If you haven’t gone into a life altering change yet, then this is the time where it starts. The first time you start thinking the big question WHAT HAVE I DONE! You keep asking that question over and over again, stuck in different shades of purple.

37- Red, you are flaming hot by now. Mature, sexy, accomplished. That’s when you start thinking people in their twenties are damn hot. And you might date a couple just to be sure they think you are hot still!

38- Gray, obvious, the gray hairs are not so few and cute like they used to be and you have to decide whether you will dye your hair onwards or celebrate it gray all the way! Wrinkles start showing, but sexy still. Everything becomes so gray, like really gray. The madness start, you will do things you never thought you would.

39- Rainbow, its your toughest year to come. If you are already with someone, you will think, are they the right person for me? If you are not with someone, then you think, should i have stuck to someone by now? Your madness accelerates and you continue to do things you never thought you would.

MOSH, nokia's fight against iPhone 0

Nokia launched MOSH, its content sharing social network that can be accessed from your normal browser or mobile browser.

The tagline is “Your Stuff. Any Phone. Everywhere.” Well, it worked on my K-JAM and I was able to upload some files. So yes, i like the fact that finally I have access to a smart & neat looking web service to easily be able to share content, -not that I share many but that’s just me!- still trying to keep my investment in a $700 mobile device (i-mate K-JAM) i purchased last year, so yes i will fight off the iPhone until it gets cheaper!

Now i will go and play some more!

Circles of shame 0

Our obsession with normality is just unbelievable sometimes.

This shame of being different in a very diverse universe just amazes me! and when all major philosophers have talked and talked about how “change is the only constant” you must agree that the boundaries of human “tolerance” have been broken over and over again all through time, yet why do we get stuck, why do we take a long time to submit to this change, be it whatever. Why do we go to wars for it? Why do we have to be shocked about something or the other?

Moreover, what’s with this shame?

All levels of it, the inner shame, then out of that first circle into friends, then parents & siblings then relatives, then friends of the above, then the whole community, then the whole city, state, country, region and world at large.

Just pick one of the issues, and you will see its somehow stuck at one of those circles!

Sadly, I think we are caught in one circle for any given subject at any given time in our lives.

Just let there time to comprehend, let there be freedom to state your objection, opinion and thought on a subject, just tolerate when you can’t understand nor comprehend.

We are all part of this web called life, and we are all trying to live happily just this once!

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