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A good day for the Jordanian woman 0

Last Wednesday, my longtime friend and a community icon, Rana Hussieni received a royal medal for her contributions to the advancement of human rights in Jordan. http://www.jordantimes.com/index.php?news=3117

Though recognizing Rana in Jordan took years to happen, she is the proud holder of many international awards and a worldwide feminist icon referred to in conferences and women studies programs worldwide.

Rana makes me and lots of people I know proud. Her determination and dedication to reporting the so called “honor crimes” cannot be described but courageous and daring. Two very important characteristics every reporter should have, thus she shines amongst the Jordanian and Arab journalists for that.

Being recognized with a royal medal only signifies the level of support Rana is getting in Jordan. The highest possible. And that gives us hope that change will be forced sooner than later where those criminals are thought of as murderers and not as defending their so called honor.

For the past two years, Rana was busy writing her book “Murder in the Name of Honor” which is to be published next year. All of us are waiting anxiously to buy it and read through it!!

Congratulations Rana and good luck :-)

Rana Husseini

My nephew Omar 2

Please be introduced to baby Omar! who was born a week ago – on Oct 15th , the first grandchild of the Jamil & Entissar family  -making him another libra in the family :D

I decided years ago that I will not be a breeder, so I want them to do all the breeding; I want a lot of nephews and nices, as much as my two brothers and one sister can provide!while I can enjoy being the cool aunt everyone runs to when they are having trouble with their parents :D

On a more serious note, the closest I might get to parenthood is being the aunt. So baby Omar made an aunt out of me.
Omar Khatib

He’s sooo adorable isn’t he?

double 3, an overdose 0

Yep, it happened, against all my efforts to extend my youth, I am out of it now. I’ve been 33 an hour and thirty seven minuets ago!

The funniest thing about today, is that i went to bed very late and woke up at 13:20 to find around 10 missed calls and 4 text messages. Wow, i am popular this year! Started thinking should i reply to the sms or start calling back? but, who should I call? First missed call or Last missed call? I called the last.

A. , replies and says immediately “Razan? wow great. Ok you need to call d. immediatly because rh was so worried you were not answering and started to panic, so as we. d. is on her way to your house!”

Wow, I laughed so hard. I thank you my friends for giving such a good laugh today :-) I think you really can’t disappear on your birthday without giving notice.

Now, what’s special about 33? these are some cool stuff I found on Wikipedia with a whole page dedicated to the number 33:

  • Many people claim that they see, witness, or experience the number 33 in unusual circumstances or at a frequency that defies statistical likelihood. A popular website is dedicated to this digit
  • 33 is a street code name for Cocaine.
  •  The Sun will rise at the exact same spot on the horizon every 33 years [Sun, Moon and Earth  by Robin Heath, 1999].

Now my own calculation:

2+0+1+0+2+0+0+7 = 12

1+2 = 3!!

Silliness is an art :D

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