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AdBrite – An alternative to AdSense

3 weeks ago, Google AdSense team decided to block my account which I opened more than a year ago. Why? Because a friend of mine kept clicking on ads thinking she is helping us make more money on Questler! Anyway, after I submitted an appeal, they still refused. As an AdWords user as well, from one hand I somehow respect their decision to stop seemingly fishy accounts, but still having had the account for one year should stand for something in my opinion and if they really bothered to look at Questler they would have known that it’s a “serious” site.

Anyway, since then I’ve been looking for an alternative that as easy to setup and get approved. I didn’t run into anything until 2 days ago while browsing Alexa.com (the web information website) and found AdBrite (adbrite.com). It’s too early to give an assessment, but setting it up was as easy if not easier than AdSense. They do have critical mass that would justify using them. But they still don’t offer per page related ad serving; they make you select as many keywords as you want yet upfront when you setup the account.

Will give a more detailed review in the next coming months once I can see its value!

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  1. Hafiz on December 3rd, 2007

    Hmmm… Interesting I think adsense is still much better. But another good alternative is Bidvertiser, or Kontera Context link.
    Maybe you should check those out.l

  2. Razan Khatib on December 14th, 2007

    AdBrite ads are just too generic, i switched to Clicksor (www.clicksor.com) who show more relevant ads.

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