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Yazan Rousan, agwa noo3

If you have not heard of Yazan Rousan or any of his songs, then as an ammany you are definitely missing something BIG!

I don’t think I want to call his songs “songs” because his lyrics and the way he sings them is just wildly amazing, some are out of nowhere and some hit home big time. He definitely has a style of his own with his dark glasses, and cynical sense of humor!

Yazan @ Kanabayeh Dec 22, 2007

Yazan, Agwa noo3 indeed! (translates to “best kind” oh well!)

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  1. aya on August 7th, 2008

    am a big fan of yazan am looking forward to meet you but i dont know when your concerts are located and i know that you had one after a week from it, so please send the concerts dates at my email and i’ll be damn happy and the first arrival………………….. ba bye

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