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Questler goes international! 1

We got very excited today with the number of blog posts that sprung out of Jane’s post yesterday, the more exciting thing was the great number of users that joined and are growing!

Here is the chronological order of things:

1. Jane’s post on July 28th UK morning time. http://janeknight.typepad.com/pick/2008/07/questler.html

2. Someone submits Questler to SimpleSpark.com,  gets on review queue.

3. Glen Gaten writes about us on his blog. http://ggatincritped.blogspot.com/2008/07/informal-aspects-of-everyday-learning.html

4. Questler gets listed officially in  SimpleSpark.com. http://simplespark.com/catalog/questler/

5. Questler gets selected as one of the 15+ web reviews at KillerStartup.com, a great review! http://www.killerstartups.com/Web-App-Tools/questler-com-find-answers-and-share-knowledge

6. Ajay Tripathi writes about in his Visionwiz blog http://visionwiz.blogspot.com/2008/07/questler-is-informal-learning-network.html

7. ROTOR blog writes a great review of Questler, http://www.rotorblog.com/2008/07/29/questler-tries-to-make-the-world-an-active-learning-space/

Hope I didn’t jinx it by a pre-mature post :D but I had to mark this day!!!


Update, July 30th

8.  Questler review on KillerStartups.com is published @ The Online Life Knowledge http://www.jaimeviniciusbarros.com/2008/07/questlercomfindanswersandshareknowledge/

9.  The briefest mention ever (yet powerful!) @ the English Education Professor http://www.eeprof.com/blog/?p=3209

10. Questler briefly reviewed at a mini blog post by Sigalon http://sigalon.posterous.com/an-informal-learning-network

11. Questler @ ZEPY http://www.zepy.net/archives/find-answers-and-share-knowledge-with-questlercom.html

what the client wants, the client gets! 1

A very funny yet true video posted today on Seth’s blog, talking mockingly about what goes on in a design/branding/advertising project.

Warning: video ID not specified!

Israeli high-tech industry in the heart of silicon valley 0

I know, Not really a new discovery and not only in high-tech BUT its still a bugger, YES!

While I think Amman is the Silicon Valley of the Arab world, we don’t get that much attention from the real Silicon Valley. And my previous post on this proves it.

Yet our infamous neighbor,  gets soooo much attention as if they are actually there. This might sound like a very confusing and highly debatable subject, but can we at least the people in the high-tech industry in Jordan learn few lessons from the Israelis or is this yet another wall we create to alienate our selves from the fact that that although they are successful but they are the enemy and we just don’t want to learn anything from them?

Viewzi.com, a visual search engine 0

Viewzi.com is a great new experience in searching the web, that is very engaging, visually attractive and cuts browsing time.

You simply type in your search query, and then you get to select a specific view to see your results, for instance the Web Screenshot View will look like this:

You can browse easily from one search result to the next and view a screen shot of the resulting page, right from where you are, instead of the back and forth you do with the regular search interface.

Even their Simple Text view includes thumbnails of each search result, the more you scroll down the more results they fetch!

Another amazing view is 4 Sources view, where they bring search results from Yahoo, Google, Ask and MSN in one screen! You can filter between  the 4 sources and select which ones to show…

I personally enjoyed checking Site Information View that gets you traffic information, recent tweets, search results…etc. associated with the site you are inquiring about

It seems that each view was made by a different person, but I couldn’t find information related to any API or tools that enables outside developers to create a view, maybe they just want to share the product team identities who worked on each view.

Try it its fun!

Wordle, cool looking tags of text 0

I just checked Wordle.net, a service that allows you to create cool looking tags of any text you post, also you can type in a URL of a page or an RSS feed.

Its powered by a Java Applet that allows you to print the resulting image, or save it to their gallery .

here is a link to the tag picture of the WEBsessed feed:


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