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Blogging 3.0 3

Yes, it has come! Some call it Lifestreaming as well.

Two great tools to turn your blog into a lifestream of everything else you log on the web are here, Swurl and Storytlr.

In both with -some differences- you can aggregate your online life being your blog, twitter account, facebook status, or any RSS feed of any service you choose into a blog like website.

And soon I will move thewebssessed.com domain into one! I’ve tried both but I seem to like storytlr more, simply because they allow you to group different posts from different services into a story which is a very powerful tool Swurl doesn’t have. Also, with storytlr you can import any other RSS feed as well not just stick to the supported services available with storytrl/swurl. However, swurl looks up your friends where people visiting can see what they are up to, also they provide a calandar looking timeline of your online life.

See for yourself:





I am Happy 4

I am so happy today. I didn’t think Obama’s projected win would make me this happy. I haven’t said these words with such peace as I said them today in a long long time.

I am hopeful of a world where things can drastically change to the better.

Not that I think Obama will help end Israeli occupation or anything of that sort that is a different story al together. The event it self is just inspiring.

Couldn’t help but wonder as I watched crowds cheering on the news in the US and elsewhere, what would any unelected ruler of a nation must have felt yesterday and today?

What Obama experienced yesterday is something so profound that anyone would envy. Again, this might be naive of me on some part. But this election day moved me beyond my expectations.

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