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A reflection

Been reflecting about my premature come back from Canada 2.5 years ago continuously all through since then. For all the mix of reasons I thought of then when I made the decision, coupled with the numerous disappointments the move brought with it; I thought I’d be forever haunted by that decision. The big what if?

Recently however, I came into a self discovery that stopped this thread of thought forever I think.

I discovered that my heart was and forever will be in Amman.

And no matter what Canada, the US or the west offered. Its here in Amman where I want to make it. Turned out not a 50-50 of a great life. More like 40-60 with the latter for Amman.

This discovery brought peace into my mind and regardless of any future decisions to move or not. I know I will always come back to Amman and its where I will grow old amongst family and friends.

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  1. alma on December 26th, 2008

    Why do we have to have that dilemma; here or there, this or that? i think there must be at least a third choice; here there and in between. It is frustrating to live in a place (where you want to grow old) that does not offer you the most basic of your needs and rights while the other place offers you that but leaves out other needs (friends and family).
    Silly world indeed.

  2. diala on December 26th, 2008

    this is interesting since this morning i woke up with the desire to leave even stronger. Amman is oppressive. what does my city have to offer? even my friends, i am not sure how happy they are and they are good people and deserve better. it is not easy to come to the conclusion, but i am inclined to say: i hate this city. i do not know if i will be here or leave but this is how i feel these days.

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