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The day I was called a zionist

Today was many things. Today was fun, was lovely was dramatic and quiet.

But today I got called a Zionist. And for a Palestinian that’s more than an insult.

I got called that because I said that “I hate Hamas and Hezbulla as I hate Zionist Israelis” on my Facebook status.

And I do hate all three and hundreds of other violent parties/states whom believe that violence is the solution to every problem there is.

Hamas and its leaders decide to sacrifice life and precious Palestinian life every day. You can call it resistance. You can call them heroes. You can call them anything but read this.

I refused to be naive, I am disgusted by anyone using only George Bush’s idiotic thinking that “if you are not with us you are against us” which seems to be the case today with all the terror that is happening in Gaza.

I stand by all the civilians who didn’t choose to die for Hamas’s mistakes. Even if they elected them out of despair few years back.

I refuse the term “casualties of war” used by the killing Israeli/US machine. Everyone knows how condensed the population in Gaza are. And how ridiculous it is to say that they are targeting Hamas.They waged a war against the Palestinian Population.

Hamas knows this as well as the Israelis when they launch their rockets. They know how disproportionate the Israeli force will be. And still they decide to sacrifice everyone else for it. That is never justified to me either.

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  1. Mazen on December 30th, 2008

    Well, I would not call you zionist, but maybe edited. You hate Hamas and Hezbollah as much as you hate zionists? Do you hate the french resistance as much as you hate Hitler?

    People like you who blame the resistance for the occupation crimes are one of the reasons that israel continue to commit massacres. Every time they do it, they can count on you to blame it on Hamas.

    You dont want Hamas to fire their rockets? What they should do? wait and get killed and watch their citizens die? At least they are trying their best, yes, there are lot of casualties,but because people like you, either do nothing or help the criminals with such crappy articles.

    Enjoy the next massacre, you are partner in it.

  2. jana on December 30th, 2008

    “And I do hate all three and hundreds of other violent parties/states whom believe that violence is the solution to every problem there is.”

    so you hate all anti-colonialist liberation movements? do you hate the french revolution? the american revolutionary war for independence? you hate the allied armies in WW II who fought the Nazis? or do you reserve your hate to Arabs who fight colonialism? i think it’s the last one. you are a neo-liberal. which is worse then a zionist. you use pacifist terms to denounce the choice of the palestinian people. and when your views are in sync with Livni and Bush, guess what does that make you?

  3. The Observer on December 30th, 2008

    I hate Hamas and Hizbollah as mush as violent extremist Israelis as well!

    Hamas leaders are just after popularity with their media plow. Their missiles don’t even cause damage. They are playing with the Arabs and Islamic world emotions to gain a heroic status. They are hitting on religions and race cords in a smart way that only helps increase hatred in the world.

  4. Razan Khatib on December 30th, 2008

    The Observer, thank you.

    Jana/Mazen, Yes, I hate violence period. Killing life is never justified unless its self defense and in that its the last resort and it should be direct to the actual offender themselves, not their country men, not their cousins, not their neighbors. In your view, you come close to Zarqawi and what he helped do in Amman three years ago. Thousands would shout that this guy had a cause and that it is in fact resistance with whatever means he thought was possible. 9/11 as well. These things will always be Grey. Yet, a stand against killing life is very much white.

  5. kinziblogs on December 30th, 2008

    Thanks Razan, for this post.

  6. Sana on December 30th, 2008

    and how do you think the Algerians could have freeed themselves from the brutal French? With flowers? How do you think the world could have ended Nazim? By giving up arms? How do you think the Vietnamese could have freed themselves? By self-immolation of the whole population? It’s one thing to say you are against violence PERIOD; it’s totally unbelievable for you to condemn people who are fighting in self-defense against racist, violent colonialists.

    you are not a pacifist. there are other names for what you do. and the fact you picked this time, this moment, while Palestinians are being slaughtered proves it. you are not writing for a Jordanian audience. you are writing for an American audience. You are angling for their approval at our expense. the oldest trick in the book of self-promotion. pick on the weak to curry favor with the rich and strong. Razan the Good Arab. We, the radical Arabs. Who should they pick for the next opportunity. You and Amin Matalqa must have graduated from the same school.

  7. Razan Khatib on December 30th, 2008

    Sana, again I can see George Bush’s thinking in this, If I don’t support everything wholeheartedly then me and people who think like me are totally against Palestinians. And thus need to be named whatever.

  8. Huda on December 30th, 2008

    Razan, you seem incapable of understanding the comments. you want to preach without listening. That’s as bad as Bush. what the commentators are saying is that if you don’t want to support the resistance, don’t condemn it. they are saying that just because you are not living in a refugee camp or under a military occupation, don’t denounce those who reject to live under colonialism.

    Do you understand the difference between respecting and condemning and being neutral. do you accept that there is third neutral way between supporting the resistance or denouncing it. do you WANT to understand what neutrality means.

    the most leftist American or Brit did not denounce the US and UK troops in Iraq even when it was understood the war was unjust and the pretexts fabricated. They denounced Bush, and his neo-cons but not the troops.

    you want to be someone’s victim. you want to show the world that you are being attacked by Arab radicals. cheap game.

    enjoy talking to yourself. Jordan is full of self-serving opportunists and it would be a waste of time to keep arguing with all of you. Read more about Vichy France. That’s where you belong ideologically. If you are a pacifist, so were they.

  9. Razan Khatib on December 30th, 2008

    Huda, I totally understand the difference. And yes, I still hate Hamas. Calling what they do resistance is just wording to get the emotions of other Palestinians and Arabs. What they are is a failure of an organization, stupid ideology, when the first thing Hannieh says to the world is how he and his people love death and are so into the after life. He can talk about him self right there, BUT can’t talk about all Palestinians who want to live, work, build, and get educated. How many of Hamas leaders are out there in the streets prepared to die for their cause. They including him are in hiding. So no I don’t support what Hamas does in the name of resistance. And I choose to refuse violence in whatever shape or form. Because once you accept one type of violence you accept all. That is exactly what i felt on Nov. 9th, 2005. End do not justify the means.

    Why do I have to be called names or be reminded of other people. This is the personal view of me and others who happen to value life and hate anyone who decides to end it , directly or indirectly.

    I don’t want Palestinians to die for my cause while I am miles away.

  10. Susu on December 30th, 2008

    Just curios Razan, do you hate Che Guevara? he used armed struggle for liberation.

  11. Nono on December 30th, 2008

    “the day i was called a Zionist. ”

    talk about being desperate for traffic.

  12. alma on December 30th, 2008

    Dear All;

    Although this is Razan’s blog, but i am addressing all those who read this blog and have taken the time to comment on Razan’s thoughts.

    This is a difficult time, perhaps more difficult than four days ago or two months ago, when the people of Gaza had no electricity and medication. So, perhaps we should not say our opinions openly at a time when people are dying.

    But the truth is, now is the time to speak our minds, to create alternatives to dying. Of course people of Gaza should resist, as should all oppressed people of the world. But the truth is, a rocket by Hamas is not the best form of resistance at this moment in time, because they are up against, not only Israel and its occupation of Palestine, but because they are up against the world.

    The truth is Hamas’ rockets now are miscalculated and reactionary. Che Guevara, the Algerian Liberation movement, French Revolution, and the movements of South Africa did use violence, but they were backed with a strategy- while Hamas’ rockets were not.

    Hamas’ (if you want to support them so be it) unstudied unstrategic rockets have only increased Israel’s aggression and in a world that is so Zionist and unfair, this rocket only helped Israel and worsened the situation for the Palestinians.

    It is not a “with us or against us” situation- it is a situation of saying “if you do that what will happen in reaction to it.” When Hamas at this point in history launches one rocket onto Israel, it will receive 500 rockets onto them in return. Not a good strategy for using violence.

    Please, be fair to Razan and what she is writing here. Read her words, understand her. We should all start thinking of alternatives in this insane world- the choice now is not violence, it is a strategy of the people of Palestine to live long and live strong.

    When i was traveling to Haifa a few months ago, i asked Razan if she wanted something and she said “please, if you pass through Bisan, bring me some soil.” These are not words of a person who does not understand Palestine. Razan lives daily with the thought to return. She is a person who does love her people, her home. Razan, like you and me, wants to go back and for now wants Palestinians to live, dignified and forever. She believes that Palestinians are stronger living rather than dead.

  13. Huda on December 31st, 2008

    alma, face it, if hamas spoke English or French and looked cuter, you and Razan would have supported them. your disdain for hamas has class hatred written allover it. it’s the same disdain Fatah thugs and most Arab ruling classes hold for all poor, underdogs.

    as for your argument about Hamas strengths and weaknesses. You are no military expert but here you are speaking military strategy. how many wars against colonialists have you fought? no one ever predicted victory for any resistance movement. the nature of resistance to colonialism is that you are fighting forces far greater and better armed than you.

    If you asked the Algerians that over a million and half Algerians will be murdered at the hands of the French before the Algerians would liberate themselves, do you think they would have fought their war of independence. It’s the defeatist who collaborated with the French thinking that no rag tag rebels can defeat a nuclear country like france. the defeatists were wrong. Same in Lebanon. Same in Vietnam. Same in Cuba. And soon in Afghanistan, Somal, Palestine.

    besides, your defense of Razan has nothing to do with Razan’s own argument. Razan was not arguing futility or utility of resistance. She was denouncing armed struggle in general under the banner of pacifism.

    And you forgot that Che Guevara was killed and his revolution terminated. But that did not stop the Vietnamese from fighting and winning against a super power.

    So keep your defeatism to yourselves and please stop passing it as pacifism. it’s called cowardice. and when it’s accompanied by a denunciation of the oppressed and their right to self defence, it’s worse than cowradice. far worse.

  14. Razan Khatib on January 4th, 2009

    Watch this video of the late Nizar Rayan posted just now on http://AndFarAway.net


  15. Nele on January 10th, 2009

    you are saying that denouncing armed struggle, or pacifism, equals defeatism, equals cowardice. So would you say that Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Leo Tolstoi, all famous pacifists are cowards?? What Razan is saying is that non violence resistance should be such as effective and with a much lesser loss of life, innocent life.
    Also, we do not live in 1967 anymore when Che Guevara was killed by the CIA, neither do we live in 1944 when the Allied Forces won WWII. Times have changed and although mankind has not learned from its mistakes and unfortunately history repeats itself, we should be living in a world where there should be different ways than killing innocent people by using violence backed up by hatred towards other human beings.
    What really stood out to me in all comments was that everyone is justifying violence by giving examples of the past: Che Guevara, Vietnam, the Algerian liberation movement and WWII as the biggest examples. Talking about WWII – strange how nobody seems to remember WWI – I grew up with an unspoken hatred against the Germans for all the atrocities done towards my country and family but still I think it is absolutely terrible and atrocious what the Allied Forces did in Dresden, Germany, killing between 25,000 and 40,000 innocent civilians burning the city to the ground. Does this make me a Nazist feeling sympathy for those people and family killed? No, and it doesn’t make anyone who is against the killings in Gaza now either or.

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