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Office 2010: the movie 0

Just watched this video on CrunchGear, what’s more hilarious than the video is the imaginary conversation at Mircrosoft posted under it.

Review of "The Iron Wall" 0

I went to Daret Al Fonoon yesterday to watch “The Iron Wall” a documentary about the aprathied wall Israel has been building in Palestine since 2002, a project architected by Ariel Sharon.

The documentary was excellently done, I found the images and stories told heart breaking but a story well told and a message delivered by both sides, mostly by Israelis against the idea of settlement and of course the wall.

The most hearbreaking story told was of a palestinan farmer, where settlers accompanied by soldiers of the IDF were barbarically cutting his olive tries one by one while he was screaming out “my olives”. I get a bad feeling in my stomach whenever i remember that scene that shows utter violence of an occupying power trying it best to break the hearts of its vitims.

I encourage you to watch and promote this documentary http://www.theironwall.ps/ directed by Mohammed Alatar and produced by Palestinian Agriculture Relief Committees and Palestinians for Peace and Democracy.

Small Victories 1

Thanks to Hazim Bitar from the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative, he uploaded a short film I did back in May 2004 to Google Video (and a link from YouTube). I apologize for the bad quality of audio in some parts of the film due to echo; an amateur like me didn’t avoid :s

It was sad watching it again, because after that I haven’t done any activities relating to my political views and events around the world. Yet, I still believe in Small Victories and in the work people like Aida Dabbas (R.I.P.)did…

Neighborhood Monster 4

I just finished Wa7sh el 7ara, the personal visual commentary about the Jordan Gate buildings in Um Otheina, Amman. They do disturb me still, at night more than day. It has polluted my visual outlook while driving in my neighborhood. I wanted to do this for more than 6 months, so I happy i got to do it before the end of the year!

Thanks to Lubna for the sound design, perfect music to fit the story board.

So watch and enjoy! and of course do tell me what you think :-)

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