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Resumé writing 2.0 0

Ok, I am really fed up with all the resumés I am getting. All with ms word pre-formatted sections! Here is my preferred outline:

First & Last names

Email + Mobile number

(I don’t need to know your middle name or your land line number, your postal address or where you live, if you are married or single, black or white, male of female and please No Picture! I like to be surprised!)

My Passion

(Need I say more?? What are you passionate about doing? design, programming, project management…etc.)

My Experience

(start with the last company/Projects you worked for first, fresh graduates can talk about their graduation project/paper and anything else they self learned, not a list of courses PLEASE)

Start date- End date      XYZ Company

The following are/were my responsibilities:

1. ……..

2. ………………..

What I know how to do very well


What I am planning to learn more about


Formal Education

xyz university – major/minor – graduation year

Total pages 1, 2 as a maximum!

That’s all i can think about for now. ideas are welcome!

Global financial crisis: Jordan finally speaks…but to Bloomberg! 0

Been desperately trying hear any detailed official commentary on the country’s exposure to the global financial crisis beyond the “we are fine…” sentence, I found something through Google News. (On Jordan’s official silence throughout the crisis read this article on AlGhad (http://alghad.jo/index.php?article=10661)

Bloomberg News in Amman received a fax from Umaya Touqan (Governor or Central Bank of Jordan) on Oct. 7th with answers on their questions; read on…

Jordan Expects `Minor’ Impact From Global Crisis, Governor Says


“The impact of the U.S. financial crisis on Jordan’s growth is expected to stay minor,”

“Jordanian banks are in a safe and sound financial position” as they avoided risks faced by the U.S. banks and some large European banks.”

“Containing inflation pressures is currently Jordan’s most pressing priority,” he said. “Therefore, the prevailing economic conditions suggest that Jordan does not need to ease monetary policy through cutting interest rates.”

“Jordanian banks had very limited exposure’ to Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.” which was the fourth-largest U.S. investment bank before it filed for bankruptcy on Sept. 15 and to international asset-backed securities, Toukan said.

Extra important note from the article, not by Umaya…

In an Oct. 1 report, Fitch Ratings Ltd. said because of the kingdom’s banks’ “local focus, current international credit market conditions have not yet had a significant impact on the banking system.” It added that “the Jordanian economy and, therefore, the banking system may be affected by a global economic slowdown, even if only through a decrease in foreign direct investment flows and a reduction in export activity.”

Update: If you would like to know more on about the crisis in relation to Jordan/Middle East/Tech World follow this quest on Questler http://questler.com/explore/quest/view/992

what the client wants, the client gets! 1

A very funny yet true video posted today on Seth’s blog, talking mockingly about what goes on in a design/branding/advertising project.

Warning: video ID not specified!

double 3, an overdose 0

Yep, it happened, against all my efforts to extend my youth, I am out of it now. I’ve been 33 an hour and thirty seven minuets ago!

The funniest thing about today, is that i went to bed very late and woke up at 13:20 to find around 10 missed calls and 4 text messages. Wow, i am popular this year! Started thinking should i reply to the sms or start calling back? but, who should I call? First missed call or Last missed call? I called the last.

A. , replies and says immediately “Razan? wow great. Ok you need to call d. immediatly because rh was so worried you were not answering and started to panic, so as we. d. is on her way to your house!”

Wow, I laughed so hard. I thank you my friends for giving such a good laugh today :-) I think you really can’t disappear on your birthday without giving notice.

Now, what’s special about 33? these are some cool stuff I found on Wikipedia with a whole page dedicated to the number 33:

  • Many people claim that they see, witness, or experience the number 33 in unusual circumstances or at a frequency that defies statistical likelihood. A popular website is dedicated to this digit
  • 33 is a street code name for Cocaine.
  •  The Sun will rise at the exact same spot on the horizon every 33 years [Sun, Moon and Earth  by Robin Heath, 1999].

Now my own calculation:

2+0+1+0+2+0+0+7 = 12

1+2 = 3!!

Silliness is an art :D

Circles of shame 0

Our obsession with normality is just unbelievable sometimes.

This shame of being different in a very diverse universe just amazes me! and when all major philosophers have talked and talked about how “change is the only constant” you must agree that the boundaries of human “tolerance” have been broken over and over again all through time, yet why do we get stuck, why do we take a long time to submit to this change, be it whatever. Why do we go to wars for it? Why do we have to be shocked about something or the other?

Moreover, what’s with this shame?

All levels of it, the inner shame, then out of that first circle into friends, then parents & siblings then relatives, then friends of the above, then the whole community, then the whole city, state, country, region and world at large.

Just pick one of the issues, and you will see its somehow stuck at one of those circles!

Sadly, I think we are caught in one circle for any given subject at any given time in our lives.

Just let there time to comprehend, let there be freedom to state your objection, opinion and thought on a subject, just tolerate when you can’t understand nor comprehend.

We are all part of this web called life, and we are all trying to live happily just this once!

A web of countless thoughts, possibilities and what-ifs 0

I don’t know if you ever watched the film Sliding Doors, the story told is a typical human drama but the creativity comes in displaying two sets of it that took course from one point and one mindless incident; whether the character took or didn’t take the train at a certain moment of her life.

This has become my obsession for a while now, kind of a crazy attempt to visualize the future of my life depending on one mindless or rather serious decision to the other.

For someone who’ve been told they think a lot more than they should, it has become a sort of game for me now. Sometimes more dangerous than others, but still I seem to be enjoying it. Marking the decisions that can’t be undone, the ones that can be. Deciding to go out with friends on a random night, then meeting someone special or actually not getting to go to a trip which was a sure thing, and the little or big things that happen as a consequence. The last month was full of such incidents, but one was totally off the records, split second gap between actualizing two different realities, the crazier even is facing the same issue with a different set of people. You try a decision on one and an opposite to the other and you live through the different paths. Amazing results. scared?

Through this web of countless thoughts, possibilities and what-ifs; its hard to track and put down on a paper but imagine you could? that would be the idea behind my next web startup maybe!

Disclaimer: kids, don’t try this at home could be very very dangerous!

WEBsessed, an introduction 0

Started out to try WordPress as a blogging platform and ended up creating WEBsessed, the state in which my life has been redefined over the past year.

As a technologist and more recently a web-obsessed  strategist, I find my life revolving around the web. It’s where I work, communicate, seek information, socialize and get entertained. There is no limit to what you can do these days on the web and still with a bit more innovation here and there you can find your self drawn to a new lifestyle.

Very soon, you won’t need your expensive laptop, you won’t need to bother installing new software and worry about your RAM, having a hard drive or even Microsoft Windows!

 The browser is your window into everything you need to do.

Thru your browser you can use several web-based software (webware) where the user experience is rich and simple with limitless storage capabilities! Check out Google Docs & Spreadsheets (http://docs.google.com) and Basecamp (http://www.basecamphq.com) a Project Management webware) to understand the power of webware.

A simple device that can operate your browser, with wireless broadband and you can do limitless things anywhere you are.

One example of such a device is a $150 laptop called “LiteComputer” currently being developed by Lite Appliances (http://www.liteappliances.com/) which will have all hardware and software you will need powered by the browser, offering free online office applications (ex. Google Docs & Spreadsheets) with no hard drive! It will of course enable you to hook any hardware you need through multiple USB ports. The company expects to launch LiteComputer by third quarter of 2007.

Exciting stuff right??!! stay tuned to WEBsessed to start or continue your webolution! 

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