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You'd think everyone knows what a browser is! 1

Think again!

With the tech world busy talking about Google’s announcement of its upcoming Google Chrom OS, on the other hand, here is some answers to the question:

What is a browser?

(form some New Yorkers it seems!)

Latitude, the jealous girlfriend/boyfriend's best friend! 0

The latest tool from Google, Google Latitude sounds partly very very cool and partly very very scary. It seems to me as location-based mobile social networking at its best. You use your Google Maps enabled phone and you get to see where your friends are and what they are up to!

Here is a cool introductory animated video from Google:

Warning: video ID not specified!

Too bad it doesn’t support Jordanian operators yet :-( But I was able to add it to my iGoogle homepage where you set your own location. Not that fun since Amman Map isn’t so advanced.

Some are calling it the jealous girlfriend/boyfriend’s best friend!  But I think like all technologies, if used well and you are able to set your privacy settings you will have so much fun using it.

What happens if you type "google" into Google? 0

Hilarious! for the love of IT managers out there! (thanks Yasmeen for the link!)

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API to upload on YouTube! 1

Google’s YouTube announced the creation of an API to allow developers to upload videos directly to YouTube for free! This will enable lots of sites to save on storage/bandwidth and use YouTube’s platform. The videos will of course be viewable from YouTube’s site as well. Bad news for video sites everywhere especially those that bank on selling their platform-as-a-service (PaaS). I think we will explore this further with Questler in the next few weeks. More analysis on TechCrunch

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