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east, west…now weast? 1

For as long as I remember, I wanted to live in the west where I can find like-minded people around me, where I was free to live whatever kind of lifestyle I wanted for my self.

The problem was defined and the solution was known.

I didn’t belong in Amman, so I managed to leave to Canada.

Yet with all the fun and great experiences I had that year; I still felt like a stranger in a strange land.

Coming back to Amman, nothing changed either, I still don’t belong here as well but that escape, that doorway is closed now. That solution of just leaving Amman and finding my self elsewhere has lost its magic. Its a done deal. This realization that you can never live the kind of life you want 100% anywhere is a bugger and now its going to be a lifetime bugger, the never ending Quest of liberal Arabs to find a place for themselves…

So a fusion of Amman and Toronto? for now its more Amman, and the bit of Toronto I can create every now and then!

Predictions for 2008 0

I am copying and pasting my answer to kim’s Quest on Questler

So here are my predictions for 2008:

1. Lebanon will have a new president (do they have one already???)

2. George Bush will give us another disaster decision before leaving office.

3. It will be more and more expensive to live in Amman.

4. People will start having negative feelings about Google.

5. Republicans and Hillary will lose the presidential race.

6. Questler will hit big everywhere (ok, this is wishful thinking:) )

7. Microsoft will announce that office 2010 will be completely a web app!

8. New search engines will become more popular (Spock, Riya…etc)

9. Palestinian occupied territories will still be called the same.

10. last but not least, real estate prices in Jordan will start declining by end of year. (Wishful thinking?)

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