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Questler in the news @ Subzero Blue 0

Another article about Questler from our new friend & fellow Questler Mohamed Meddah @ Subzero Blue

Thank you Mohamed for the attention and looking forward to start some great conversations with you on Questler!

To read the article go to http://www.subzeroblue.com/archives/2008/01/questler_where_minds.html

Conversation about Questler @ AndFarAway 0

We got into the spotlight today at Roba Al-Assi’s infamous blog AndFarAway.net
and that encouraged the birth of a good number of Questlers today, welcome all )Read more on Questler : Aiding your Quest for Knowledge

Big thanks Roba from the -expanding- Questler Team

(Razan, Alma, Eyad, Khalil, Hassan and Sally)

Google Alerts, keep being posted 0

Just in case some didn’t discover this great tool yet.

Google Alerts is a great tool to keep your self posted with whatever people are talking about on the Internet on a specific word or combination of words. For example you can use it to send you weekly, daily or as-it-happens alerts for anything posted with your name on it, or your company’s name or a specific topic you want to keep being posted in new developments on.

A friend of mine suggested I use it to keep a watch on my comeptitors so as to keep being updated on what they are doing and who they maybe are a year ago and now I get an email every week or so with a digest about learning/informal learning with news and blog posts that are mostly useful! Thanks Hussam :)

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