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Stuff that bugs me – Take I 0

- Someone eating something that obviously tastes bad, and then asking you to taste it too!

- Bartenders that keep pouring drinks to their customers, knowing that they will be the ones driving home!

- “BUT”People, the ones who decide not to use the words, yes or no to answer a question that obviously needs a yes/no answer.

- Drivers that decide to drive in the wrong direction + FAST + Annoyed by the cars driving in the right direction!

- People who decide they to give an un-asked for opinion based on a bestest-friendship in their heads.

- People you flirt with once, and think later that you owe them a relationship-in-the-making!

- Drama queens that think they are the victims of everything that happens to them, and have no brain power to take note that in most cases, you are in control of your own destiny, whichever f***d up way it turns out to be.

- People who claim to be liberal for the smallest liberal mini-ideology they have decided to adopt.

- Last but not least, Know-it-all folk. need I say more?

Are we that mute? 1

The following is something I wrote 5 years ago, around the Israeli invasion of the West Bank in 2002. Reflecting on the disaster in GAZA I just had to say the words to myself again…


They got you “Mute”,

the “how” and the “why” are loads of theories

you can’t choose from,

but you sense it mute along with the rest of you.


Saddened by your state, you bleed silently from within,

your wounds are growing and you sense more of the pain, the pain of despair.

You cling to hope yet when you give it another thought you know that hope is not the next thing in line.

Hope is there for you to survive and who says you can’t?

The expectations of a better tomorrow become dreams with no vision;

since you think you have no control…then again you are on mute.

Proud of others down in the line of fire,

is all that you think you can do who does this help? Only you.


You do care, you care so much to the degree of despair

But what more do you need to see, to happen

for you to scream, to rebel to finally act and be LOUD?


Are you that “Mute”?

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